22 February 2010


Punk Catholic Thought of the Week III

Did you know that the only thing you need to have the "moral high ground" (whatever that is) when blogging about other Catholics is a Catholic blog???

I certainly hadn't! Does this mean the Catholic blog with the most Followers has the highest "high ground" of all?

Now what is a Werepunk Catholic to do when she gets a comment like this on her non-Catholic blog:

The day you closed your Catholic blog, you tossed off any moral high ground you might have had to say anything at all negative about anyone concerning their own expression of Catholicity or things Catholic.

In this regard you are more sleezy than cheezy. Your out-of-context comments about Mark Shea are now more calumny than they are commentary.

You might have had a strong supporter here but at this point I must say that, although you came highly recommended by one of my own favorite Catholic bloggers, I am exceptionally underwhelmed by what I have found, and am sorry that I wasted my time to come here.

I'm sorry she wasted her time, too. Really. The reason I wrote NSf(Ash)Wednesday, a post about my transformation from Good Catholic Girl to Urban Werepunk, was to keep people from wasting their time with me.

But a "strong supporter"? I doubt I've ever seen her before in my online life! Now she shows up? And misspells "cheesy"???

Excuse me while I have a moment . . .

Yeah, tooth and claw, baby! . . . Okay, now where was I?

Just yesterday, I left this comment on a Catholic blog whose owner is unusual enough to keep linking to me:

The "If you have a problem with someone, you should tell him about it" mentality is supposed to be the virtuous opposite of "gossiping" or "whispering," but it has its own holes. If someone had a problem with me and went out of his way to tell me about it, my response would probably be: "I hardly know you. Why should I care what you think? Please get lost." (Then I'd blog about him! LOL)

Now to answer my original question of what a Werepunk blogger is to do when she gets a comment like that on her non-Catholic blog . . . The Werepunk blogger blogs about it, of course! =P

She also appreciates the tragi-comic irony that the disproportionate amount of Catholic content on this blog means that, whether she likes it or not, she still has a Catholic blog. (Interesting twist! What does that do, I wonder, for the "high ground" vs. "low ground" dialectic? Or are some blogs more Catholic than others?)

Oh, yeah, before I end this post, I'd better make one last thing clear:

I'm not worth it, people! Stop reading! Go home!

There. I hope that does the trick, because if it doesn't, I don't know what else I could do. (Hmmmm. I guess could put a warning on the sidebar . . .)

By the way, I'm planning a post on my Top 5 Madonna Singles soon. Nobody is going to force you--yes, YOU--to read it, if it's not your thing. You know that, right?


r said...

I don't think a Catholic with a blog can have anything but a Catholic blog.

Warren said...

Ya. You're stuck.

You are baptized right?

You're stuck.


Enbrethiliel said...


r: Well, that's one way of looking at it.

Warren: What? This didn't scare you off, either? I must not be trying hard enough! ;)

Terry Nelson said...

You are the best.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, you are.

Enbrethiliel said...


Until this moment, I didn't really understand what the expression "mutual admiration society" meant. (Oh, I feel so uncool just typing that! LOL) Thanks, Terry and Elena!

Michael said...

The best. Yup. Indeed.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thank you to everyone, but I don't want to have to close this comments thread!

ckbasi said...

The top ten list sounds very interesting, but I agree, it doesn't sound like something "for public viewing." What a tease! :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Hi, Kathleen! =) I could e-mail the list to you, if you like. Two other people have already asked for it, and nothing seems to have come of that at all.