12 February 2010


Friday Night Movie Sitcom: Just the Ten of Us, Episode 24

0:05 "Come on, Marie! We don't want to be late for the dance and let the girls from Mary Magdalen start showing their wares!" A good opening line is always gold!
0:32 And Cinderella makes her entrance . . .
0:49 "Thank you! I worked an hour to look this way." It's set up as a joke, but that actually was how long it took to capture the "nice, wholesome Catholic girl" look in the late 1980s.
1:00 "What do Wendy and I look like, a couple of sluts?" In case you're unfamiliar with the show, yes, Cindy is the spacey one.
1:17 You'd think they could have at least put ten body doubles inside that car!
1:42 Meet Marie, the responsible eldest child who dreams of being a nun.
1:45 Meet Cindy, the pretty, slightly (!) ditzy daughter.
1:48 Meet Wendy, the boy-crazy daughter who comes up with all the mad schemes.
1:51 Meet Connie, the artsy, eccentric daughter who writes a lot.
1:54 JR and Sherry are great characters, too, but they don't really have much to do in this episode.
2:09 And have I mentioned the babies Harvey and Melissa?
3:05 What's so strange about it? There were sisters at my prom, too, you know.
3:11 I know exactly what you mean, Marie. =(
4:05 Four girls, four guys . . . Let's see how this unfolds.
4:27 "I know you don't want to dance with me. It's okay. Don't worry about my feelings." A JERK AND A HALF!
4:52 You all saw this coming, right?
6:22 Instead of one party losing a shoe, we had both parties dropping their glasses; and now it's better than Cinderella.
6:47 "Some people think I'm a little square" . . . "They're probably just jealous because you're so . . . spiritual." Ah, yes, that old euphemism for square.
8:09 I think that little wave is just so cute!

0:15 "You know, the nutty one that's on after Mr. Belvedere." I don't know about you, but I think metatheatrical jokes are kind of fun! =)
0:20 "The mom on that show is so real!" Do you suppose this line was adlibbed? =P
1:50 "I hate to see you settle for the drippings when you could have the roast!" . . . "Russell is not drippings!!!" Marie is such a lovely girl to defend the so-called drippings. (I would have attacked the so-called roast.)
2:52 "And remember: in America, even a girl like Connie can date a good looking guy." So is she saying my only hope is in America??? (I'm so doomed.)
3:28 A dream to rival any of Nancy Thompson's nightmares, wouldn't you say? ;)
5:56 Is anyone else reminded of mischievous Morality Play devils? (Well, it would make sense to cast pretty teenage girls . . .)
6:45 If it were a choice between Russell and Jerk-and-a-Half . . . (Yeah, Marie knows she blew it.)

0:28 "Plain" in this context is something I think an English rather than an American character would say.
1:31 She means the 60s, right? (Now let me look up Jeff Chandler . . .)
2:05 "Long, curly hair? Dad???" Let me step out of the story now to say I think Heather didn't deliver this line very well. =S
2:46 She means this Cherish, I suppose.
2:54 So now her ex-boyfriend is forever "[the guy who looked like] Jeff Chandler"? No regrets, here! =)
3:45 "Have you seen my weed whacker?" Yeah, who needs Jeff Chandler when you can have Graham Lubbock?
4:21 "The people of Israel cry out for their freedom!" Is this significant or did the director settle for any old line?
4:51 They don't lower their voices at all, do they?
5:13 That guy behind them should have moved to another part of the theatre when he had the chance.
6:01 Hey, I just noticed the sister in the background! This is such a perfect first date for Marie, even though she tried to ruin it earlier!
6:48 A big thank you to YouTube user "Teamkickass2" for taping this when it aired and uploading it when there was no hope of ever getting a DVD release!


Paul Stilwell said...

Good live blog! I don't think a lady like Marie would have been that interested in seeing The Ten Commandments.

Could be wrong.

By the way, youtube has Krull in full(!), in case you were ever looking for a movie to live blog in the future:


Enbrethiliel said...


Marie's religiosity is often played for laughs. Somehow, she manages to be more than a caricature of that "nice, wholesome Catholic girl."

It's also possible that she wanted to see it because it meant spending more time with Russell! =)

Paul Stilwell said...

My crit came across more serious than I meant it. What an innaccurate and misleading portrayal of Catholic girls! Hrumph! lol

Of course she would endure ________(insert any worst movie of all time here) to be with Russell.

I don't remember this sitcom! I remember Mr. Belvadere (probably wrong spelling) though.

Enbrethiliel said...


While I agree with you, I also think there's a bit of Marie (and Wendy!) in every Catholic girl. In fact . . . I think there's a little bit of all four teenage
"Lubbock Babes" in each of us.

When Just the Ten of Us was still in syndication, all I knew was that I liked it a lot and that Marie was my favourite. Now that I can review the episodes with a more critical eye, I wonder whether the initial reaction from young Catholic women with an adequately religious upbringing would be recognition. (At the time, the cousin I was closest to adored Wendy, and was appalled that I could like Marie.)

If there has been an equivalent (lighthearted) caricaturing of young Catholic men, I wish I knew about it.

They don't make sitcoms the way they used to, do they? =)

Paul Stilwell said...

"In fact . . . I think there's a little bit of all four teenage "Lubbock Babes" in each of us."

From the perspective of a man, I would say: yes, and then some. :)

"Now that I can review the episodes with a more critical eye, I wonder whether the initial reaction from young Catholic women with an adequately religious upbringing would be recognition."

For sure. It's actually amazing what a sitcom can capture, and especially coming back to one after some years.

And now you got me thinking if there is any "lighthearted caricaturing of young Catholic men". Whether in a movie or sitcom, I cannot think of one, at least not now. I fear if there isn't any that it was definitely not a good sign.

I am astonished really, at how dramatically t.v. has changed - practically into a wasteland. And not just the change from fiction to reality t.v. (something I regard as the loss of the ability to tell stories), but like you say, they just don't make sitcoms (fictional non-sitcom shows included) like they used to.

What people may have thought was the excesses of the 80's appears now as a bastion of purity and innocence and insight. That may be exaggerating, but you know what I mean...

Enbrethiliel said...


Reality TV is one of those bad ideas we're going to spend the next fifty years or so paying for out of pocket. (We've already begun paying for kids-only cable channels. When cartoons had to compete for time slots on network TV, they, too, were much better.)

I think I'll be doing more live blogs of 80s sitcoms. =)