09 February 2010


The Alphabet Assignment: E

My original plan was to go through all the letters of the alphabet in order, hoping that nobody would notice if I skipped Q, X and Z. Then Dylan came up with an E List and I felt inspired to match it. So I guess I'll be wandering randomly around the alphabet from this point . . .

1) Easter Vigil

Hands down, my favourite part of the whole liturgical year! How can one go wrong with a liturgy that begins with a bonfire in the night and ends with all the Holy Water one can carry back home? May it be done beautifully in your own parish!

2) The Eighties!

I could have lived in this decade forever. When I remember William Faulkner's remark that the past is never over and isn't even past, I think of the Catholic Church first . . . and the 1980s next.

3) Eggs

The engineering of an omelet, the willpower of a meatloaf, the special surprise in fried rice, and the best friend of bacon. Is there anything more to say???

4) Elizabeth Lowell

While she's not my favourite Romance writer (Caveat lector!!!), I think she has some of the best prose in mass market literature. In her books, the surf "laughs whitely," dogs in play "glitter with delight," and love is "the light that casts no shadow."

5) Eloise Wilkin

She was once my favourite illustrator of children's books, and I treasured copies of certain Little Golden Books because of her art more than the respective writers' stories. (The one I loved most was The New Baby.) Today, I'd probably find her too sentimental and go for a quirkier artist . . . but she really did make magic for me when I was a girl.

6) Emily Dickinson

My favourite poet through late elementary school and all of high school! I think I lost her when I started blogging, no longer able to say with her, "I'm nobody! Who are you?/ Are you nobody, too?" I don't think she'd be very impressed with the "livelong bog" that is the blogosphere . . . "How dreary to be somebody!/ How public, like a frog . . ." (Ribbit!)

7) Enchiladas

TexMex cooking is simply the best! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it.) I like mine as meaty and cheesy as possible, with a cream-based, rather than tomato-based sauce.

8) Epigraphs

Books with epigraphs are always more interesting than those without. One knows a writer has thought deeply about his theme when he has found a shard of it glinting in an otherwise unrelated text.

9) The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton

I still remember sitting on the dryer in the laundry room of my uni hostel, reading this book while waiting for my washing to get done. Certain lines made me feel as if the earth had just moved under me, and I actually nearly lost my balance once or twice! (Then again, given the frequency of earthquakes in New Zealand, perhaps it wasn't just the book . . .) I also remember reading it at night, by the light of a small bed lamp, and feeling as someone had just blown a bugle outside my window. The world is more heroic when the Incarnation is allowed to be at the heart of history.

10) Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

This is simply of the best songs EVER recorded in the history of mankind. Don't even argue with me. You know I'm right.

It took a long time to complete this list! Who knew that E, the most frequently used letter in the English alphabet, would be an even harder Alphabet Assignment than A? Not I!

(Oh, is that my next letter? Hmmmmmm.)


dylan said...

Good to see that we overlap in a few of our choices! I, too, could very easily have chosen the Eighties. I just didn't think of it when I made my list.

Enbrethiliel said...


It was such an obvious choice that I almost missed it! =P

christopher said...

If you're speaking of the 14-80's then I'm "E"nthusiastically with you, ma'am.

"Eye of the Tiger" huh?...


Enbrethiliel said...


The Middle Ages will come up when I make my M List.

Yes, Eye of the Tiger. =D Guess what will make my R list!!! ;)

christopher said...

I'm getting close to the point of knowing you well enough where I could probably make your list for you.

Enbrethiliel said...


*raises a haughty eyebrow*

Now you do realise I'm going to have to make that R list now . . . just to prove that you'd only get about 50% of it.

christopher said...

Ah, I'm, not IN your head, but I bet it would be unlikely I'd get one WRONG! (:)

Enbrethiliel said...


Didn't I once attempt a C list for you. I think I can bulk it out now . . .

St. Christopher
Czech culture
Caps (as in the Washington Capitals)

(The reason Christ doesn't top the list is the same reason the Bible never makes any best-sellers lists: too obvious.)

All right, I'm working on my R list now . . .

christopher said...

nicely done, ma'am.

Enbrethiliel said...


Here's another one for you:

The Confederacy!