24 January 2010


Punk Catholic vs. Pink Christians

No, I don't mean the Pink Sisters . . .

So far, four people have asked me why I am closing down Sancta Sanctis, which means that I have given four different answers.

Do you know the expression, "Shoot first; ask questions later"? That happens to be my first rule of blogging; it makes things so much more interesting.

Since my first announcement of the end (as in termination) of Sancta Sanctis, I have been thinking more and more about the end (as in purpose) of Shredded Cheddar. To my great horror, the seed of the latter came to me during a weekday evening Mass, when the Gospel reading was about the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. After everyone had been fed, St. Luke tells us, the disciples were able to gather twelve baskets of leftovers: fragmentorum cofini duodecim. And I realised that a "basket of leftovers" is precisely what I want Shredded Cheddar to be.

So there will be--to my own chagrin--no termination-end to "blogging Catholicly" . . . though clarity on its purpose-end probably will not come soon. Yet I am more aware now that my blogging, especially on religious matters, is definitely not something everyone else should take seriously. In that light, all relevant posts will have the tab "Punk Catholic": for I don't represent the establishment; I only speak for myself.

At the close of every Women of Faith conference, women are asked to play a little game of pretend.

Each conference guest is asked to imagine that a gift has been placed in their hands--one from each of the speakers.

These gifts serve as reminders of the different lessons shared by the Women of Faith.

This study guide will carry on this tradition!

At the close of each lesson, you will be presented with a small gift.

Though imaginary, it will serve to remind you of the things you have learned.

Think of it as a souvenir . . .

They mean a sacramental, right? ;)

There are twelve chapters in this book, so there are twelve (imaginary) souvenirs for the reader's "treasure trove of memories": an ivy cutting, a glass bauble, a tree, a shoelace, a penny, a tile, an egg, a pocket calendar, a breath freshener, a brass button, a hope chest, and a glowing star. The whole concept reminds me of those little baby bottles filled with blue and pink sugar-coated almonds that one gets to take home from baby showers.

That is, these little trinkets are all very cute, but I think spiritual souvenirs should have some sacramental weight, as they would if they were blessed candles on Candlemas, ashes on Ash Wednesday, blessed palms on Palm Sunday, holy water on Easter Vigil, and so on throughout the liturgical year.

So once more, I find myself amused by the man-made traditions of Protestant groups, and what pale shadows they are of the small-T traditions of the Catholic Church. I guess they're acceptable, though, because even though they're not Scriptural (!!!), at least they're not kiss-of-death Catholic!

You may be wondering why I have a book like this in my personal library. The obvious answer is that it was a present--a birthday present from Mrs. Cotton Flower (better known as the mother of Doctor Nemesis and Doctor Decimator).

It came in a pink Victoria's Secret shopping bag which was stuffed with pink Japanese paper, the book itself wrapped in pink wrapping paper, along with a second gift of PINK Body Mist. You may have noticed that the book itself is very pink.

One day I will have a proper definition for "Pink Christian;" but until I do, I'll be content to be a rowdy Punk and to go by that bagful of impressions.

Image Sources: a) Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, b) Women of Faith Study Guide Series: Living in Jesus


christopher said...

Man... I just have no idea what you are talking about... LOL

Enbrethiliel said...


Then my plan is working!

christopher said...

LOL Am I getting a gift?

Enbrethiliel said...


There you go again! Last year, it was a prize . . . this year, it's a gift . . .

Enbrethiliel said...


By the way, in this post, the text before the "Keep Reading!" marker isn't necessarily related to the text which follows. (Does that help? =P)

Terry Nelson said...

I just discovered this! Hi!

Enbrethiliel said...


Hi, Terry! It's nice to see you here. =)