31 January 2010


Punk Catholic Thought of the Week

If one can participate fully in the Mass without singing, then can one who is singing also participate fully if his back is to the altar?

(Yes, I know it's a non sequitur, but I'd appreciate an answer anyway. Thanks!)

From where I sit at Mass, I have a decent view of whichever musical group has been assigned to sing. Though our church does have a choir loft, some of the more recent renovations have made it completely inaccessible to anyone without a long ladder. So all liturgical singers and musicians know to stay near the electric Yamaha organ (Miserere nobis!) at the front right of the sanctuary.

What I don't really care for is the way the singers gather around a central microphone, because when they form that circle, more than half of them have their backs to the altar. (When I was roped into singing with a "folk group" at my Wellington parish, I suffered through the same thoughtless logistics.) It just seems wrong to me.

I guess what I'm wondering is whether I am, once again, "on to something" here or not.


Noxxtis said...

It's disrespectful, isn't it? And ironic as well. They sing for God but have their backs turned to there which he supposedly stands.

Your parish should invest in more microphones.

Noxxtis said...

By the way...do you know any blogs that write about angels? Random question. ^_^

Enbrethiliel said...


That depends on what kind of writing about Angels you want. Catholic Angels or Paranormal Romance Angels?

If the former, the first that came to mind for me was Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family.

I'll see what else I can remember.