28 January 2010


The Alphabet Assignment: A

This is a fun pen-and-paper game that I first tried at Sancta Sanctis with the letter D. I decided to do it again on Shredded Cheddar because I like lists and brackets and such games of enumeration.

The object of this one is simple: List ten things you like that start with the same letter.

Yet it's harder than it seems!

It took me a couple of multi-tasking hours a few nights ago to come up with the following list, which I've put (appropriately enough) in alphabetical order:

1) A+

My favourite mark, though anything from the A family makes me happy, too.

2) Air on the G String by J.S. Bach

Didn't somebody once say that "Bach is sufficient"? Listen for yourself.

3) Alliteration and Assonance

Without which poetry would be too plain.

4) Alex Rider

Who doesn't love this preteen super-spy?

5) Angels by Robbie Williams

A strangely Marian song from the most haunted Catholic boy in BritPop. Have a listen.

6) Angelus

I pray this two or three times a day. It's just wonderful!

7) St. Anne

If I had to pick only one saint with an A-name, it would be my Jewish grandmother!

8) "Arma virumque cano . . ."

Hands down, the best opening line in all of world literature!

9) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do I even have to explain this???

10) Astoria, Oregon

I'm so homesick for this place I've never been that I gave it its own tab: Astoria.

As I've said, this sort of list is harder to make than it may seem . . . at least for those who think of list making as an art. (Ahem!)

AngelusDei Painting

Now, I could have made this a straight Catholic list, with Sts. Anne, Athanasius and Augustine; the Angelus; the Assumption; the Angelic Choirs and the Archangel Michael; Advent and Ash Wednesday; and Atonement for sin. (Hey, that was quick!)

Horowitz Stormbreaker Horowitz PointBlanc Horowitz SkeletonKey

Or I could have gone another way and made it all about books: Alex Rider and Artemis Fowl; Alexander Pope; Aesop's fables and Arthurian legends; Arma virumque cano, baby; Ayn Rand; Amy March; Alliteration and Assonance (counted as one); and all those lovely A+ marks from my English Literature papers. (This list took a little longer . . . greatly because of my self-imposed rule that the first name rather than the last name start with "A.")


A third possibility would have been a list heavy on the music: Air on the G String by J.S. Bach and almost anything by Antonio Vivaldi; Auld Lang Syne at New Year's Eve and Les Anges dans Nos Campagnes at Christmas Eve; Angels by Robbie Williams and Alone by Heart; the A minor chord on guitar; Abbey Road Studios; Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd and Amarillo by Morning by George Strait. (This list took the longest to compile. "A" is not as popular in the music sphere as one might think.)

I'd attempt a movie-themed list now . . . but I'd like to publish this post before next year, you know?

My point is that a good list--of any kind--is both comprehensive and specific.

Image Sources: a) The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet; b) Stormbreaker, Point Blanc and Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz; c) Abbey Road


Paul Stilwell said...

I did my own list.

I think the fact that you want to move to Astoria makes you one of the coolest gals, like, ever.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks for playing, Paul!

So does this your own appreciation of Astoria mean you're a Goonies fan, too? =)

dylan said...

Can I do an E list?

Edward Estlin Cummings
Ecclesiasticus 24
Eastern Orthodox theologians
Elaine (late stepmother)
Edith Sitwell
Emily Dickinson

Wow. More women than men!

Enbrethiliel said...


I am honoured to be on your list, Dylan!

dylan said...

The pleasure and the privilege is mine.

Word verification code: "preventr." It was "deeds" last time!

Paul Stilwell said...

A Goonies fan to the end.

Enbrethiliel said...


Goonies never say die!