29 December 2009


Parajunkee Design Contest

Why aren't there more contests like this one?

Parajunkee is both a Book Blogger and a professional Web designer who is offering a custom background, header and button (as well as image hosting) to the winner of this contest. That package usually retails for US$90, so it's an amazing deal.

(You can tell I want to win, right?)

Part of me didn't want to blog this because if this post inspires anyone else to enter, that will mean fewer chances for me to win. On the other hand, blogging about the contest means that I get five extra entries, so I guess it will all work out in the end? (Right?)

Parajunkee's View is the only blog I have ever joined because of the contests rather than the content. (Of course, one can argue that the contests are an integral part of the content.) Since I feel slightly guilty about this, I leave comments from time to time as well. (Am I hurting my chances by writing all this?)

It's really just bad timing that I discovered her blog after I decided I didn't want to read Romances, Paranormal or otherwise, as intensely as I used to. (Well, okay, there's one Romance writer who is still on my "auto buy" list, as Romance readers say . . . and she happens to write Paranormals . . . and when Parajunkee reviewed her book, I read the whole post and left a comment that was more substantial than "Nice review!")

Oh, I've just remembered that if she gets 450 new Followers or more, there will be a runner up who will win a header and a button. I wouldn't mind that, either!

I should stop rambling now . . .

Anyway, the button to her design blog is on the sidebar now, too. That's an extra five points.


dylan said...

A bit early, but here goes:

Happy New Year, Enbrethiliel!

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, it is Christmas Eve where I happen to be!

I won't be having a New Year post, so this is a good place as any to leave your greeting. =)

Happy New Year to you, too, even earlier!