19 September 2009


Power Chords

Remember our old friend Justin? Here he is, bravely teaching me how to rock out properly on an acoustic guitar.

In case anyone is wondering . . . no, I don't bother with muting the first three strings. I just look down the whole time to make sure I'm playing only the last three strings. Yes, I realise that is impractical--not to mention bad for my posture--but that is how I roll (or do not roll . . . whatever).

Really, if my power chord practice song is by Taylor Swift, then I'm not exactly a rocker, am I?

Here is the second lesson: more power chords, this time with a fifth string root. (Knowing these technical terms makes me all fuzzy inside.)

I like Justin's recommendation to play guitar with a friend, one of you doing regular chords and the other doing power chords. So now I'll have to find another guitar player to jam with--someone who doesn't mind Taylor Swift.

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